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1st to 6th, of November 2023

Non-Stop Parties, Entertainment and Networking Mixers

Presented by, LVH Media & Legacy of the Legen, Hosted by LVH CLUB team, of, Vegas, Hawaii,  Brazil, Hollywood, Cannes, Dubai, Tokyo, HK, China

You are invited to have the chance to Visit Dubai in Exclusive style like no other, with Luxury, and Safety, all inclusive, from the Day you Land till the Day You securely leave back home. Just imagine that you can connect to over 200 VIP Guests like you, from many Countries. It is a dream come true for Entrepreneurs, Companies, Individuals, Families & Friends. It’s Fun, Exciting, informative, and a Networking Dream without any stress! as this is a face-to-face networking mixers. A combination of Business & Pleasure, including networking and investment events, meetings and exclusive parties in Dubai, the global hub of innovation and creativity. This is an exclusive opportunity for you to:-

  • Experience 5 nights and 6 days of luxury, entertainment, and culture in this amazing city.
  • Meet, mix and mingle with creators, investors, and visionaries like yourself.
  • Pitch your ideas and collaborate with leading companies in various fields
  • Learn more about the future visions of Dubai and how it can inspire your own projects.

The event will take place from the1st to the 6th of November 2023. The price is $6,000 per person for 5 nights and 6 days, all-inclusive from the day you land till the day you leave. You only need to pay for your flight tickets. If you want to stay longer or bring an extra person in the same room, the price will be $1,000 per extra night, per person and $3,000 extra per person to stay at the same room for 5 nights 6 days,  

If you're interested in joining this exclusive event, please reply to this message or visit our website to register. Don't miss this chance to invest in your future world! 

LVH  Dubai Exclusive,  VIP Package  $6,000 (Six Thousand US Dollars), 5 Night , 6 Days, All-inclusive from the Day our VIP Guests, Land and out of Customs, till the Day they Safely Leave Dubai.

♦ A concierge service will be offered to accommodate LVH Club, VIP Guests, hotel booking, limousine, airport pick-up, security, translator, and driver.

♦ 5 nights 6 days accommodation in 4/5 Star hotel, please make sure to inform us when you book your VIP Package if you want to stay extra days, as the cost for extra days in continuation of this VIP Package will be $1,000 (One Thousand US Dollars) Per night.

♦ Online branding, websites, Links, banner advertisement, social media Coverage. Plus, the announcement on all our Media Advertising starting from the date that this contract is signed, and a 50% deposit has been paid, then the Sponsors will be announced as our Sponsor, globally.

♦ Our VIP Guests will be featured in our press releases, and as a bonus ½ a page in LVH Dubaian / Legacy of the Legend Magazine in which will be distributed during the Networking Conference & Events.

♦ Extra exposure will take place through local and international media during the networking events.

♦ 1 VIP ticket to attend Gala Event

♦ 1 VIP ticket to attend Yacht Event

♦ Celebrity Meet and Greet with photo opportunities during our events


Arrival at “Dubai Airport, UAE”,  on the 1st of November 2023, , Departing From Dubai Airport on the 6th, of November or at the end of your trip. YOUR FLIGHTS ARE PAID BY YOU. Our Responsibility Starts when you are Cleared out of Customs and outside the Door, then we are responsible for the Duration of Your stay till you Leave, back home safely.

  1. You will be picked up from Dubai Airport, UAE, starting on the day of your landing from the 1st of November, by a Driver Security and a Translator that speaks your language if it is required,
  2. You will be escorted to Your Exclusive Hotel associated with LVH Dubai Exclusive, 4/5 stars Resort
  3. We can arrange a VIP Tickets to attend Yacht parties or VIP Seating at one of the most Exclusive Night Clubs, Events, & Concerts, located in Dubai.
  4. We can arrange after parties at the most exclusive nightclubs in Dubai, should you decide to join the after-parties, reservations are done in advance. Enjoy touring Dubai, The Most Futuristic City in The World, with Glamour day and night, living it up by the glistening beaches, or wander off to see magnificent tourist areas or relax while dining at some of the most exquisite restaurants enjoyed by all locals. Exciting Experiences awaits you, should you take in a little shopping spree at the most expensive Brand Name Stores in The world, or dance the night away during our exclusive and romantic “Yacht Nights.”  6 days 5 nights stay to enjoy your Dream vacation in the splendor of Dubai, The Stars, the Who is Who in the World of the Entertainment, and Opportunity Knocks. Let the celebration begin!

advertisement, social media Coverage. Plus, the announcement on all our Media Advertising starting from the date that this contract is signed, and a 50% deposit has been paid, they will be announced as  our sponsor. Sorry to say Non – Refundable”, as we must secure the hotels, the balance must be paid on or before your flight to Dubai, UAE.

PLEASE NOTE: This trip is for you to Enjoy No Restrictions, We offer free Breakfast at the hotel, we always provide transportation, Translator and Security when needed. We will provide any assistance that you may require during your stay, Your Safety is our Utmost Priority. We always, offer Concierge Service, for all your needs. Let us know your interest, as booking and placements are limited

  LVH Dubai Exclusive

 Total Special VIP Price for the above mentioned is Six Thousand, USD ($6,000) . to be paid as follows:

  1. The 1st, payment of Three Thousand USD ($3,000) as Deposit -Non Refundable, to be paid as soon this agreement is signed by both parties, and a Deposit was paid to LVH Media Account by Wire Transfer or Credit Card on our website Payment Butt, to give us the time to accommodate all the VIP Guest requirements or by PayPal at
  2. The 2nd, payment of Three Thousand USD ($3,000) as a balance to be paid to LVH Media Account, by Wire Transfer or Credit Card on our website Payment Button, before scheduled flight to Dubai UAE
  3. If guests only want to be part of the daily Mixers without staying at the Hotel the price is:- $500 per day

By affixing your signature herein, you represent that you are hereby authorized to sign documents on behalf of the entity you represent, having the full authority to enter into contract agreement between your entity and LVH Media, and fully accept the above agreement, definition and terms disclosed.

Accepted and agreed by

Name: VIP Guest/Sponsor:__________________________________________

Company Name:__________________________________________________


Phone: ______________________________Email: ___________________________

Website: _________________________________________________    


Signature: ____________________Date: _______________________________                   

Please write the amount you are Sending: -

  1. Deposit: - Three Thousand USD ($3,000): -
  2. Balance : - Three Thousand USD ($3,000) : -
  3. Full Payment: - Six Thousand USD ($6,000): -
  4. Daily Mixer No hotel stay: - Five Hundred USD ($500): -

LVH MEDIA Representatives: -_____________________________

LVH DUBAI EXCLUSIVE, Nov.1st to 6th, 2023


If you are interested to Advertise – Promote in our commemorative Legacy of the Legend Magazine as it will be published after LVH DUBAI EXCLUSIVE, from 1st  to 6th November 2023 to be presented as your Xmas Present. We will have full display of our 27Th year of publishing.                                               Please contact LVH Media & Legacy of the Legend representative:-

Legacy of the Legend Magazine, Purchase & Media Kit

Please Pre Order Your Legacy of the Legend, Special Commemorative Limited-Edition Magazine in print. The price for each Tribute Magazine Celebrating Michael Jackson 65th, Birthday for His Life Achievements and Humanitarian Contributions, is $25.00 (Twenty Fifty USD) including, taxes, shipping, and handling. Please order your copy from now as we have limited number in print. Legacy of the Legend Magazine is a collector delight. It will be published on the 15th, of December 2023, as we will be adding pictures from Fans celebrating on the 29th of August MJ Birthday from around the world, and also from LVH Dubai Exclusive, Networking Mixer, from the 1st to 6th, of November 2023, at an Exclusive Hotel Resort, including Legacy of the Legend Thriller Party, Dubai


Legacy of the Legend Magazine Xmas Edition

LEGACY OF THE LEGEND© SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE LIMITED EDITION is  presented, Tribute to Michael Jackson's 65Th Birthday. Interviews with th Jacksons, Eye on Gary,  MJ's Fans, and many other Editorial coverage, including Advertising 

The magazine will be published on 1st of December 2023, after Legacy of the Legend Thriller Party Dubai. Also after LVH DUBAI EXCLUSIVE Networking Mixer, from the 1st to 6th of November 2023, will include business exhibits, Art Gallery Display, Networking Mixer Pictures from Fan's special events will be included in the magazine. We will feature previous exclusive interviews with the Father of the First Royal Family of Music, Joseph Jackson before his passing, including other members of the iconic family. 

An exclusive presentation about the Crowning of the King of Pop, when he visited his ancestors’ home, the village of Krindjabo, Ivory Coast (Cote d’lvoire), in Africa. We are featuring interviews with the Leaders that made it happen.  This ‘Special Edition’ will enlighten the world about the Jackson Family Foundation's future vision and Mission, in celebrating a life achievement that reflects on hundreds of Millions of global fans. The World’s Greatest Entertainer, as well as one of the most ‘World Renown Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, and Humanitarians, Michael Jackson. The availability of this ‘Special Commemorative Limited Edition Magazine will be distributed and sold in Commemoration of Michael Jackson's Birthday and will also be posted and sold all through other countries and on all our websites, Jackson Family Foundation, and LVH Media at,   , or

It is our desire to have you join us in promoting yourself and or your company to markets Globally. Together we can bring recognition and branding to you with our vast Web networking capabilities and our global Print distribution. Being a part of this ‘Special Commemorative Limited Edition’ will be an endorsement of your intentions and efforts to bring your business, company, and ideas forth to a broader audience. Join us and brand yourself. Legacy of the Legend Magazine


All Rates are subject to change without notice. All rates are quoted at ‘gross cost’ for ‘4-color-process-ads’. Rates include ‘color separation charges. ‘Color separations’ remain the property of LVH Media.

Advertising Rates per Insertion: are in (US Dollars)

Full Page                                             $5,000          8.3” - 210 mm x 11.7” - 297 mm

1/2 Page                                              $3,000          4.1” - 105 mm x 11.7” - 297 mm

1/4 Page.                                             $1,500          4.1” - 105 mm x   5.8” -

1/8 Page                                              $   750          2.1” - 52.5mm x   2.9” -   74 mm

Back Cover                                         $40,000        8.3” - 210 mm x 11.7” - 297 mm

Special Offer: “Preserve the Legacy” Special Commemorative Page For Members and or Fans of the Jackson Family Foundation Available only in this “Special Commemorative Limited Edition” “Legacy of the Legend” publication; For ONLY $500 (Five Hundred US Dollars), 1/8 page

All Articles, Synopses, Photos, and Advertising must be submitted by 15th, of November 2023, to be placed in this ‘Special Commemorative Limited Edition’ of Legacy of the Legend Magazine, 

PAYMENTS: Payments can be made by Wire Transfer, Credit card, or PayPal, or by logging into our websites,, PayPal  or through Special arrangements. Please contact us for more details:


Ad insertion is to be 'paid in full' upon signature, All rates are quoted at 'gross cost' for 4 color-process ads. Rates also include 'color separation charges'. Color separations remain the property of LVH MEDIA.

DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Please e-mail for production, set-up, technical questions, and advertising. Ads can be Supplied in Digital Formats.

PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONS: All measurements are in U.S. inches or millimeters, Magazine is printed in CMYK, with no spot colors.

Publication Trim Size                                   8.3” (210 mm) x 11.7” (297 mm)

Bleeds (only available for full-page)           0.25” (6 mm) - all sides

For all your inquiries, please email to:-

Legacy of The Legend Magazine adv. payments 2023

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  12183409853?profile=RESIZE_710xCalling All Stars, Singers, Members & Fans, to Join LVH CLUB and enjoy 10 % discount on LVH Dubai Exclusive, Networking Mixer & Thriller Party and on all Dubai Thriller Party purchases, including other merchandise presented through Legacy of the Legend, LVH Media, and Legacy of the Legend Thriller Party. Including Dubai tickets in Person and/or Streamed Live Globally. Membership Valid  for 1 year from the date of your purchase

Legac y of the Legend Thriller Party, Dubai. A spectacular event celebrating the 40th year of Michael Jackson’s most famous production  will be presented at one of the most LVH Dubaian Exclusive Night club! Everyone is invited during the 1st, week of November 2023. All participating guests are encouraged to dress up in their best “Thriller Costumes” as we will be Awarding Cash and Prizes” for the best costume and best dancers, especially group dancing! We invite all Guest to join us, at what will be the greatest gathering of,

Thriller Lovers, to be Streamed Live Worldwide

You can join as a fan and as a member to support our Vision and Mission. When you pay your Membership you will receive a confirmation for your pay, and automatically you are registered 

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