Although most of us in our 40's, 50's and 60's now were Jackson Five Fans from day-one and knew that Michael and the Jackson Five had literally thousands of memorable moments by the time Michael went solo and "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" came out. The Jackson Five's "Victory Tour" stands out in a lot of peoples minds as an incredible Jackson Family moment that fully established the Jackson's as the greatest family of entertainment in history.

In the same breath, many people feel that the "Motown 25th Anniversary Jackson Reunion" segment was a true moment in time when the Jackson's reminded the world why they were considered the greatest live performers of all time for over a decade straight with hit after hit after hit reaffirming that claim. However, nothing could prepare the world for the "Motown 25th Anniversary Special" Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" moment. 

That was the moment in time when Michael Jackson single-handedly changed the total "Live Solo Performance Game" and raised the bar to the highest level ever with his "Billie Jean" hypnotic song and dance performance. For the first time ever it seemed, the entire world became aware of the true otherworldly magic of Michael Jackson "The Artist" and that there was no other artist before, during or ever since that Motown 25th Anniversary performance who could have did what Michael had done that evening in terms of his sheer poetic grace, musical genius and the sheer magic of his dance artistry!

Do you "Remember the Time?" Do you remember the Jackson 5 at the height of there preeminence? If so, what do you think now was their individual or greatest group moment? Or if the Motown 25th Anniversary Jackson Five Reunion Segment was not your "Favorite Jackson Moment", then what is your favorite Jackson moment?

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  • Hi Mr. Thornton,

    I'm aware this question is over 1yrs old, but since MJ and the J5 is timeless anything regarding Michael or the Jacksons is timeless.  But honestly is this a trick question?  Favorite Jackson Moment I could go as far back when (as a kid) my sisters and I anxiously, excitedly, feverishly, awaited the Jackson's to appear on the Ed Sullivan show, then there was a time when we hurried to complete our homework, eat our dinner, take our baths and put on our jammies to watch the J5 on Ms. Black America, but OMG the J5 "Going Back to Indiana" TV special (Epic) fast forward Motown 25th Anniversary, Victory Tour and we can never forget the highly anticipated mini movie Thriller.   I could go on and on and on...THE J5 NOTHING OR NO ONE CAN  POSSIBLY TOP THEM...Of course this is my personal opinion...(IT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.)

    • Hey Pamela,

      I agree with you on all these "Jackson Moments" in terms of there being so many incredible memorable encounters with the legendary "Jackson Family" over the last 45 years! I just saw Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon on "The Aresenio Hall Show" last night and had a blast watching them perform and steel the show. The crowd could not stop screaming. Just an amazing reaction that they still invoke unlike no family of entertainment in history. I will always recall the "Motown 25th Anniversary Special" when Michael performed "several songs but just blew everybody away when he did the "Moonwalk" for the first time on "Billie Jean". It was priceless!! Thanks for your response and "I Stick By Your Story As Well!" Peace, Love & MJ4EVER!  

      • Hi Don,

        By just mentioning "Motown 25th" sent a chill down my spine.  I had the pleasure in seeing the Jacksons here (where I live in California, USA) at the Greek theater my brother sisters and nieces  had the time of our life.  Let's keep in mind these guys are much older today, the show started off a little rough (but we found out they were under extreme stress  because this was the weekend they could not locate their beloved beautiful mother) but the spirit of Michael seemed to have joined them on stage because they gave us a  phenomenon show.   Wow we had the time of our life!!!  The excitement the memories all came rushing back.  Yes we ALL miss Michael tremendously, but I argue with anyone that  think the brothers can't do this without Michael. Yes Michael was the star but that is one talented family!!!   Love, Peace & Blessings MJ4EVER!!!

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