Dear friends, my name is Helena and for all my life I have been deeply influenced by Michaels songs and his kindness. I have created a very special free app which is designed to help people all around the world when they lose something or someone they love. it works both on android and iOS and its available in seven different languages. As I have no business plan, because this is an altruistic project, it is very hard for me to get it to the public. I am dreaming of a huge community of users of this app. Please try it and help me sharing it. Landing page of the app is

I know this world is all about business. But I believe there are many people like me who love helping others, who really want to make the world a better place. I hope that people like you can help my app to get it to the right people.

Please loo at the video on the landing page called The story behind app. Its a true story which inspired me to create it.

No message could ever been any clearer....

thank you 

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  • Hi,i keep sending money to foundations

  • thats great,but how does it help poor african people who dont have a meal .day to day see it can change people lives in many ways but dont let them me feed the innocent street children in nairobi by sending a dollar via mpesa to this no.0717283897

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